Electronic Repair

Electronic Repair Service

Our PC Board Repairs is a great service that will save you time and money.

Got a problem with you voltage regulator? Or is an over/under frequency light coming up because a malfunction on the board? If you are not 100% confident about the working condition of any of your equipment electronic boards we have the way to test them for a low fee.

We have created a test bench, in which we can test all the protective boards and voltage regulators for Hobart, Stewart & Stevenson, Trilectron, and Arvico; we also work on Lantis, Commander, Davco, Arvico, and ACE boards.

When we send a repair board out is because we have test it and we are 100% sure that is going to work; we know that down time in your equipment represent losses and we are willing to work in the fastest and better way possible.

Send us your request; we are here to help you.